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My new chapter.

June 1, 2014


Is 7 months after I embarked in search of new opportunities and life. During my last few days in PR I visited my parents grave and I knew it in my gut this was going to be the last time I will be visiting their grave in a long while, that good bye to my […]

¡Anuncio! Taller: Caja de herramientas para la administración de mi CTC.- Biblioteca Centro Para Puerto Rico

June 29, 2013


 El personal de la Biblioteca del Centro para Puerto Rico incluyendo voluntarios/as AmeriCorps (VISTA y STATE) en el día de hoy sábado, 29 de junio de 2013, se encuentran ofreciendo un adiestramiento a los/as líderes comunitarios que forman parte del Programa de Capacitación en el Desarrollo de Iniciativas Comunitarias de la Región Metro (Camino Los […]

Lotus in the Sunlight Scene

October 8, 2012


Lotus in the Sunlight Scene, a photo by Ting Hay on Flickr. My mantra for this stage in my life is: I am like, I want to continue and I am to continue to be like the lotus flower that blossoms in the muddy waters. Credit for the picture to: Ting Hay

Third month anniversary as a Fresh meat!

May 18, 2012


Me with some of my derby sisters the Killer Dolls!

Ok I after a late discussion and rant with Maquiaveli-k when I told her well at first I felt that I belong to this team and it was mine then those feelings sort of started to drift as in their are not my team and why should I considered them my teammates if I am just a freshmeat and they do not see me as such. Then Maquiaveli-k told Oe you are part of us, we are your sisters in derby, and this is your team,you are a Killer Doll- freshmeat still not a Killer Doll( insert your position in here. The picture is courtesy of Tina Rican.

Workout Music to keep it pumping!

March 25, 2012


Music many use it for whatever reason they please to. For me I use it to keep me on going regardless if it is writing for my thesis or just to get me distracted but most of the time I used to either listen to it while on the car or in the train. I […]

Oh Chamomile Tea you have not tasted so good ever until today!

March 20, 2012


  Oh godge! I am not looking at my glucose level today with the late night binge! Screw it for today! I have spent the day eating with no sugar added frozen yogurt and getting no sore throat relief neither from those or the menthol thingies that they sell at the pharmacy what are they […]

One month anniversary in roller derby

March 18, 2012


This post is over due since March 8, 2011. That day was my month anniversary with the Killer Dolls and in my road to become a roller derby player. I am still fresh meat. I have gotten stronger in my legs, arms I am noticing some definitions in my biceps (  accidental push-ups with the […]