Workout Music to keep it pumping!

Posted on March 25, 2012


Music many use it for whatever reason they please to. For me I use it to keep me on going regardless if it is writing for my thesis or just to get me distracted but most of the time I used to either listen to it while on the car or in the train. I also use it to keep me with the timing of the workouts or with the speed of some of the drills. I do not listen to them all at once but I already done my calculations of how many songs should had to play in a period of 30 to 40 minutes in shuffle mode. My playlist changes from time to time, but this is the most recent one with some new ones. I have not done an update of it since 4 months ago. jaja. I want to see which songs we have in common.

1)SCANDAL- Pride

2) BIGBANG- Fantastic Baby

3) Lana Del Rey- National Anthem

4) 2NE1- I am the best

5)Rammstein- Adios

6) Super Junior- Opera

I have several of their songs in my playlist but this one is the most play. Not this version but the one in A-Cha’s album. I have to love Doghae’s and Kyuhyun’s parts is quite catchy that part.

10)U-Kiss- Neverland

Dongho’s part when  I am rollerskating and I just want to keep on going is perfect. Even though he might be saying something that does not implicate as run or go faster I just do it. Jaja I guess is the beat of the song and his pace in this part.

11) Super Junior- Perfection

Long story short my bias of the group is in the Mandarin version of Super Junior. And this song takes me back t last semester when I was walking to my Mandarin class. Even though I put it in shuffle it will pop up right before I enter the classroom. Coincidence? I think not. Besides who will mind getting sang a song that tells you are pure Perfection while working out. I won’t mind! Jaja

12) Super Junior- Super Girl

13) Sertab Erener- Everywhere I can

14) Ruslana- Wild Dances

15) Despina Vandi- Gia

16) Macabeo- Supermercado

Argh my teammates about a month ago introduce me to this gr. I even went to see them live with them at the Boricua. This is the result this song has been stuck in my playlist. XP

17) Ace of Base- Beautiful Life

18) Kat de Luna- Drop it low

19) BIGBANG- Tonight

20)BIGBANG- Bad Boy

21) Chester Bennington- The Morning After

22) The Prodigy- Breathe

23) The Prodigy- Poison

24) The Prodigy- Firestarter

25) Solace- Cybele

26)Rammstein- Mein Teil

27) Fabulosos Cadillas- Mal Bichos

28) Fabulosos Cadillacs- Matador

29)Cherry Filter- Romantic Cat

30) L’Arc-en-ciel- Ready, set, go

My playlist may change but this one manages to always stay.

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