Oh Chamomile Tea you have not tasted so good ever until today!

Posted on March 20, 2012


Chamomile Tea by quatar


Oh godge! I am not looking at my glucose level today with the late night binge! Screw it for today! I have spent the day eating with no sugar added frozen yogurt and getting no sore throat relief neither from those or the menthol thingies that they sell at the pharmacy what are they call… halls.


It was not until 9:00pm that I decided to risk it. I decided to prepare myself a noodle soup ( manchurian chicken flavor noodle) with dropped eggs and sea nori. It was my second real meal of the day. I have only eaten a piece of pound cake for diabetics because I was having some sugar lows and thankfully it happen while my whole mouth was numb from the oral analgesic otherwise I could had not handle it. And a small well half portion of oatmeal that I prepare myself today. Nothing was aiding me until I I tried eating a bit of ramen soup. I devour the whole serving and still I was hungry but watching my sodium intake I decided to pass and not go for seconds. Still three hours later my throat was not that sore still some soreness but in comparison to the frozen yogurt it had better results. So I decided to drink tea… chamomile tea with a bit of honey with some export soda with margarine spread! As I waited for the tea too cool off a bit I devour the leftovers of an open bag of chips… damn I was really hungry because in the way that I went to attack that bag my mother was like okeeeeeeyyyy! To be honest yesterday I barely ate a few things here and there but the sore throat pain was more than I could take. Tonight I said screw it I am hungry and did what I have never done before.I have never finish a serving of ramen soup neither a chamomile tea but today I did finish it and was asking for more. Jaja I am still hungry!!! I guess I will continue on showering my throat with cold water and do some gargles with warm water and sea salt.

My boss gave the day off. I know health comes first but it has been today work days that I miss which translates my paycheck is going to come very small on the next paycheck. And my diet has gone to hell in the past 48hrs. I will just try to get up to date with some Korean dramas. I am not a huge fan of dramas regardless of the country of origin but I am hook on City Hunter and Secret Garden. I have watch 4 Korean dramas before which I came to see after everyone talking about it, those were: Jewel of the Palace, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Full House and Fashion 70s. Those have only been the only dramas that I have watch from the beginning to the end. I must say Dr. Lee Min Ho( I admit I have fallen in love with the name and I admire the actor’s work) is keeping this sick girl very happy along with the other doctor in my room Hyun Bin.  I got to confess I love the OST of both dramas.

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