One month anniversary in roller derby

Posted on March 18, 2012


This post is over due since March 8, 2011. That day was my month anniversary with the Killer Dolls and in my road to become a roller derby player. I am still fresh meat. I have gotten stronger in my legs, arms I am noticing some definitions in my biceps (  accidental push-ups with the falls, yes I had to practice falling a lot over this month), concentration as I am running, and fear as started to make way to fearless.

I forgot to mention at least the $35 bucks that I spent in Kempo class in 2006 at the YMCA located near the YMCA even though I quit in the course of two weeks did had some paying off with time. This pay-off came in last Friday practice session, we had to practice roller ball fall with the skates, I nailed on the first try .In addition I  had my first taste of a roller jam. I did not last more than 15 secs. I fell hard in my butt and bend and broke to nails. I came to the conclusion roller derby and long nails do not go well together. So bye, bye long nails!

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